All the destinations listed are meant for a half day,. Of course you can combine them for a full day excursion, even with the ones from other pages (eg. Pompeii and Oplontis, or Herculaneum and Archaeological Museum, or Pompeii and Vesuvius).

The massive eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD caused the destruction of the towns Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae, and furthermore of many private villas on the slopes of the volcano. Those towns laid for over 1700 years forgotten under a several meters thick layer of ash. They were found and excavated only from the 18th century on.

Forum in Herculaneum
Forum in Herculaneum

There are other Roman excavations in our region, less known, but very interesting too! The area called Phlegrean Fields has a volcanic origin. So at Roman’s time there were natural thermal baths, what people loved. A very good reason – especially for senators and emperors – to settle down here for a holiday, added to the incredible beauty of the landscape and the very close position to Rome.

You can even visit Greek excavations in the towns Cuma (in the area of Phlegrean Fields) and Paestum (in the South, closer to Salerno). Both are very fascinating for how they look like and for their incredible histories!

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