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Your Private Art
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  • Naples and Salerno: art cities 
  • Amalfi, Positano, Capri amazing coasts… 
  • Pompeii & more Archaeology 
  • Wine and food

Our expert guides team will take you around our region and help you discover cities, landscapes, art, archaeology, food, people and traditions

Our philosophy: tailor made on you!

What is the sense of travelling? We think it is not just seeing new places!

Furthermore it means meeting other cultures, people, their way of living. Monuments and arts are a result of the history of a country, of its culture. In the same way food is a result of all that, because it is a way for people to express themselves every day in their kitchen….

We consider all these elements belonging together: that’s why we like linking in our tours art with food and any other local tradition.

How do we do this? First of all: what is important to us it’s You: What are you interested in? What do you expect in visiting our region? What are your (logistic, family, time, etc.) requirements? Because everyone is different… We will “tailor” the tour program after your demands, and it will perfectly fit on you.

That’s also why we only make private tours, for families and for friends groups.

What we do
We help making out of your travel a dream!

Are you a gourmet or a passionate about wine? Do you like visiting farms and factories to learn more about how specialty food is produced? No need to say that with Italy – and especially with our region – you are in the right place! We are always on the hunt of little pasta, wine, olive oil or cheese producers, and furthermore we like sharing this food culture and the personal meetings with other people like you.
In Naples we do a one day tour with several tastings of typical dishes, following a century old tradition.
We help you finding the best Cooking Class for you: in Naples, Sorrento, Positano or where you wish!
Choose one of our Food&Gourmet Tours, and it will be one of the most beautiful sensorial experiences in your life:
Naples Food&Art Tour
Wine Tour in Irpinia: the best Wines in Naples Region
Wine Tasting on the Amalfi Coast
Mozzarella Experience in Paestum
Pasta and basta!

From Archaeology (Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum and much more!) to the Art cities Naples and Salerno, but also to the gorgeous coasts of Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento: all this can be part of our tours. Thanks to our knowledge and passion about the region we were born and live in, we will make your tour(s) unique and unforgettable!
Our tours are only private, just for you and your family, or your friends.
Let us propose you to also go off the beaten path: beside the usual places, you can discover with us corners that tourists do not usually get, and that are still authentic. This is real Italy!
One of our highlights in Naples is a tour by following best seller Elena Ferrante’s novels! It will be a special way to discover this amazing city, with its many unexpected (good and bad!) faces.

Are you an agency?: we make the tours on your charge for your clients, by proposing you itineraries to the most demanded destinations, but also to unusual ones, and helping you to make your Agency’s tour unique!

The experiences

Do you love so much art and want to get more into it, meeting a true artist – a painter or a sculptor -, talking to him/her and looking at his/her work? Or are you an artist and would like to meet painters or ceramists here in Southern Italy and get a one- to three day experience (or even up to a week) of painting or working with them?

Or you simply want to enjoy a morning meeting an artist and learning more about his work, and share some spaghetti at his home?
We can help you arrange all this kind of activities, in Naples and on the Amalfi coast. Have with us un unforgettable experience!

Naples fashion is a special one among the “moda Italiana”: come with us and discover the Neapolitan style! Let us take you to less known boutiques and craftsmen shops in Naples to find the best dresses, suits, ties, shoes, bags, jewels and more…only for connoisseurs!

If you are looking for a tailor making a suit perfectly fitting on you – like only the oldest Neapolitan tradition is able to -, we will be your ideal shopping pals!

Basic ingredients of our tours are:

  • Knowledge
  • Passion about our wonderful country and about our job
  • Enthusiasm in meeting people from all over the world  

Let us be your tour guides!

About us

A team of professional local guides is ready to take you around to discover our amazing region: Simona Mandato, working 15 years as a guide in Naples and its area, was the founder of an enthusiastic tour guides team.
All born in Naples and surroundings, we are all certificated and long experienced, with university degree and with a wide knowledge about history, art, archaeology and nature of our region. Last but not least: we all speak a very good English!
Beside this, we know – and love! – the “human richness” like food, traditions and all the unconventional sides of our territory.
We like having an easygoing manner with our clients and make them feel comfortable with us when we accompany them for one day or for longer.
Tell us what you have long been dreaming of to visit – Pompeii or other archaeological sites, Naples, places along our magic Coasts – and we will find out the best way to do it.
Let us first read your wishes and needs and advise you properly, so to be sure we will “tailor” the best suit on you.


We asked Simona to do a private tour for us of Naples and Ischia based on the books My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. It was a wonderful tour and Simona was very nice to tour with, even taking us to the more risky areas of Naples and places off the regular path. She made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed. The trip to Ischia was fantastic. Simona was flexible and willing to alter the plan as we went along based on our desires. Mary Jo Z, Canada

We were a group of 10 people. Simona picked us up at the cruise port at 8:00 and we had a wonderful day with her touring Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento and Pompeii. She was knowledgeable and interesting. Even recommend certain local products to take home. Very punctual at every stop so no need to worry about getting back to the ship on time. Highly recommend Simona. It was our best day of the whole cruise. Asandy, Los Angeles, USA

We are a family of 5 who booked a full day of touring with Simona in Pompeii and to the imperial villa in Oplontis. Simona and her driver picked us up at the train station in Napoli (we were staying in Rome) and returned us there in the afternoon. We had a fun and interesting day with Simona. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and pleasant and extended our visit in Pompeii to give us enough time to see everything we wanted. It was fascinating to hear her tell about both Pompeii and Oplontis, and we learned a lot. We highly recommend Simona’s services. AnMeG, Oslo, Norway

We were a group of friends who had asked Simona to organize tours of the area. Simona has a great personality – blends in naturally and contributes with her sweet being and personality. She sent us excellent suggestions that stretched beyond her usual guided tours and composed a fantastic versatile program that included all our desires as well as a few wonderful surprises along the way. Simona only receives praises from us. We highly recommend her service.
Lone K, Denmark

Our day with Simona in Naples was wonderful! Her passion for the city was contagious; we now love Naples even more. She took us on her ʻFood & Art Tourʼ to places where we had the best local pizza, pasta and desserts. She showed us remarkable street and subway art (even a Banksy) and told us the fascinating stories behind them. My husband and I spent a day with her in the city looking at architecture, art, eating and talking. Her knowledge of historic and modern Naples and many other topics made that day, the best day of our quick trip to Italy. Simona’s communication with us before and during the tour was perfect; she is smart, funny, flexible, and gracious. Thanks Simona! Sue-n-Flo. USA

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