SorrentoWelcome to this wonderful land and its artistic heritage. It is famous throughout the world, but its richness is only partially known. So I like taking the people discovering not only the most famous monuments, but even the unexpected ones. I love my native town Naples and my region Campania. They are interesting not only for the landscapes or for their most popular monuments. This is a country full of the “unexpected”, of a huge fantasy in the people’s way of living, of original – not yet globalized – characters and corners.

The beautiful landscapes of Sorrento and Amalfi coasts hide small gems like Positano, Atrani, Ravello. But we could choose less visited and known villages. Capri is the isle of jet-set night-life and in the meantime of great nature: shall we Villa dei Misteri, Pompeidiscover it? Pompeii and Herculaneum are the most famous excavations of ancient Roman towns, but there are even less known – but not less interesting – ones: Oplontis, Pozzuoli, Cuma. Ancient medicine town Salerno and its surroundings hide more treasures than you would expect. Cilento region has spectacular coastlines and mountains, magnificent Greek temples in Paestum, several little towns protected up on picturesque hills or laying in wonderful fisher bays.

This land is internationally known for one of the best cuisines of Italy too – so we can say of the world! Pasta, mozzarella cheese, sunny red tomatoes, sheep’s milk cheese, sausages, and such a variety of different kind of dishes (fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, etc.) make the travelers visiting this area astonished!

mozzarella and cow buffalosWine tradition is very old here – dating back to Greeks and Romans. The volcanic soil in the whole region as well as the perfect climate make possible to produce wonderful grapes, ideal for wine – on the slopes of the Vesuvius as well as in the area of the Phlegrean Fields. But the highest quality is reached by the wines from the regions Avellino and Benevento.