196What are commonplaces about Naples? That the city is dirty, unsafe, people spend their time in eating pizza and playing mandolin.

Well, about rubbish, no international news informed that this problem has long been solved, and now Naples is not dirtier as any big city in the world! About how safe it is…look at this:

An old Fiat 500 turned into a funny Police car! It was standing this morning in front of Castel dell’Ovo, along the seaside walk in Naples, via Caracciolo. It was completely full with a typical Naples’ Xmas Nativity. This is Italy’s creativity and imagination! Of course….this is not the type of cars used by our police to make Naples safe. All people who visit our city are astonished how much police and carabinieri they see in the streets, and how safe they feel.

Not far from here, along the bridge joining the seaside walk to the little isle on which Castel dell’Ovo is built, a Pulcinella, the typical Carnival mask of Naples, was playing a mandolino. pulcinellaOn his back are the boats of the small private boats harbor to see, along the so called Borgo Marinari. Farer behind him, the imposing silhouette of the Volcano Vesuvius, dominating the whole bay of Naples…

About eating pizza…well, in this case I concede that commonplaces correspond to reality.

This note of mine is not to cultivate commonplaces about Naples, but much more to show the creativity of the Neapolitans, joint to our strong traditions!

Last but not least, about our good weather…….Today in the early morning it was nice for me to have a nice stop before starting the work day. I had a cappuccino in a little café with this same view on the harbor, the boats, Vesuvius….And look at our December weather…It was a great start!


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