pizzelle da Tina e AngeloLast Tuesday I was at Tina and Angelo’s greengrocer shop in the so called Spanish Quarter in Naples. It was fantastic! Oh no, don’t think that I particularly enjoy buying salad or tomatoes! I went there because – like every Tuesday afternoon – Tina held a cooking class. Imagine: in one of the metropolis’ quarters worldwide known for being dangerous (well… it was, actually it has changed a lot!) you enter the lane and find a lot of people, adults as well as children, having fun together by cooking at a full coloured greengrocer’s!

As you see in this photo, Tina is teaching how to make “pizzelle”. This is a term in Naples’ dialect meaning “little pizzas”, but in reality it is always referred to the little homemade fried pizzas. Very simple – and it reminds me as my mother used to do too!

da Tina e AngeloTina is someone who likes sharing with other people. Many Chinese or Arabic people living now a day in Naples’ Spanish Quarter often asked her about some vegetables they didn’t know about, and how they might have been cooked. So she decided to share the recipes of the Neapolitan tradition with all of them.

Sometimes Tina’s Tuesdays are dedicated to cuisines from other countries. A Chinese friend shows how to make a spring roll, Ashid shows some typical dishes from Sri Lanka. In this way Tina’s greengrocer shop has become not only a place for staying together for all people going by who want to join them. But also a place for integration, while all are having a good time together. We love you, Tina!