Learn the tricks of the Italian cookery by spying on a cooking class. Experience how mozzarella or pasta are made; take part on wine, olive oil and other kind of products’ tastings. But also on a grape harvest; haul in the net by travelling on the sea at night with a fisher.

In a beautiful country like this – kissed every day by the sun – experience precious, ancient traditional handicrafts. And not only look at how they are made, but do them yourself! For your customers this experience will be unforgettable.


For your best customers, team members, sellers or for your biggest shareholders let us suggest you our best ideas, mixing culture, palate’s pleasures and experiences in the most incredible fields.


We develop thematic tours on your needs and desires – music, theatre, handicraft, cookery – wouldn’t this be something new for the most particular and exacting of your travelers? With these experiences you will catch your old customers, and many new ones too.