Neapolitan writer Elena Ferrante has become an international literary phenomenon, and I am one of her passionate readers! So I decided to go on the traces of the two friends Lila and Elena through the working-class quarter where they lived as children, a neighbourhood where – although I am a Neapolitan – I had never been out of two reasons. First of all, it is just a residential district and if you haven’t anyone to visit, you have no reason to go there. Secondly the Rione Luzzatti has a very bad fame for crime.

Anyway, I decided to do it, even if I knew that so much has changed in that area since the Fifties until today, and so I could not really see the same places described in the four novels by Elena Ferrante.

I can say it was a discover for me! Of course I felt the danger around of me, but I also found a world of working class people living of less… but with a great soul! I mean this is the REAL Naples, maybe more than other healthier neighbourhoods in the town today. Exactly because in there are deep social problems, but the people still preserve the Neapolitan “art to survive” and to laugh despite everything!

I would like to share this with many other passionate readers of the four books about Lenù and Lila. Let us stroll around together to Elena’s school, the Rettifilo where they often went to window-shop or to buy Lila’s bride dress; to the quarter Chiaia where they went to enjoy a walk in more elegant streets, including piazza dei Martiri where the Cerullo/Solara shoe shop was. Finally to via Tasso, where Elena used to live as an adult in an apartment with a view on the bay of Naples, and much more.

This tour will lead you through many of Naples’ quarters, and to make you have a complete view about this absolutely fascinating town, in its good as well as in its bad sides!

On a 2-day tour I would also suggest to spend a day in Ischia, the isle in front of Naples to see the places where Elena was during her holidays when she was a young girl: we’ll touch the villages Barano, Forio, the Maronti beach where they used to bath and meet both girls’ love Nino.

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