Can you Enrico Carusoguess who is singing in this Mp3 file? More than 800 representations at the Metropolitan Theatre in New York, and then Paris, Motecarlo, Vienna made of the singer Enrico Caruso (born in Naples, Italy) the greatest one in the world!

“La donna è mobile qual piuma al vento” is the beginning of this aria from Rigoletto. It means “A woman is as mobile ad a feather in the wind – but but every man keeps on desiring her breast” – sings it over. Many other singers sang it everywhere in the world. Another later big tenor was Luciano Pavarotti.

In 1901 tenor Caruso sang in the wonderful opera house in Naples Teatro San Carlo. He was still a young tenor, and the excitement for singing in such an important theatre – in his native town! – made him go out of tune. The severe public hissed him.

This is supposed to be only a legend. More credibile is the version that he felt hurt by some critics. Anyway, he swared he would never sing in Naples again, and so he did. In New York he became the most popular tenor of his age – and maybe not only of his own.

He came back to Naples when he was sick. In Sorrento he spent his last months: his room in the hotel Excelsior Vittoria still keeps all his stuff, including his piano. The popular Italian singer Lucio Dalla was in that room, and 1986 dedicated to the neapolitan tenor a beautiful and moving song, that still is very famous: “Caruso”.

The tenor is buried in Naples in the cemetery Santa Maria del Pianto.