La-Grande-Bellezza-di-SorrentinoLa Grande Bellezza…of course is that of Rome. The film – premiered in Cannes, and winning four European Awards, a Golden Globe and latest an Oscar as best foreign language film – reminds in a  modern version Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. A disenchanted look on the incredible state of decadence of the Roman…the Italian society.

So the name of the film should rather be The Great Ugliness….But then it shows wonderful pictures of Rome, its monuments, fountains, ruins, the sunlight on the Tiber and its bridges at dawn…and you are able to see beauty…still!

Well, this film with all its beauty and ugliness has a lot of Naples too. What? Paolo Sorrentino, director, but also author of story and screenplay of the movie was born in Naples. Indigo, one of the studios producing it is from Naples. Toni Servillo in the main role of Jap Gambardella, is Neapolitan too. And so some other actors taking part in La Grande Bellezza.

So let me say that a good part of this wonderful film is Naples – not only Rome!