Herculaneum mosaic Neptune and AmphitriteNeptune and Amphitrite mosaic surprises every day hundreds of visitors of the excavations in Herculaneum. Most of the houses and villas in this town are quite big, because belonging to rich and powerful men from Rome, who came here to have a holiday, a rest, a peaceful time to recharge themselves with new energies and new projects: what the Latins called Otium.

This mosaic belongs to a quite small house in Herculaneum. Nevertheless its owner wished to have enough place for a garden and fountains. He found a way to make out of a small room in the back a lovely open air place. He removed the roof and had the walls all around wonderfully painted with plants. In this way he had the sensation of a true garden.

On the left he had a tank for rain water which fell out of small fountain in the middle of this “nympheum”. It was a place dedicated to sea nymphs, and of course to sea god Neptune too. Amphitrite was one of the Nereid nymphs and Neptune’s wife.

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