SimonaI like to set out the discovery of a town, an excavation or a shore in a new way. You will be able to see and experience the places we will visit in all their aspects.

When I am off with work, I like searching for new hidden places: palaces, churches, lanes, and at the same time meeting people, looking at artisans’ incredible works, tasting the treasures of our kitchen in still surviving ancient trattorias and wineries. I like also discovering Naples’ mysterious and esoteric soul.

And then I put all this in my tours for those travelers who want to not only see the expected. Travelling means to me talking to the people, getting into the country I visit, trying to enter its real spirit.

“We felt as if we were traveling across the city with an old friend, rather than with a tour guide”. “Through your company and your stories we fell in love with Naples and its neighbourhood”: that’s what some travelers emailed me. They came – and still come – back several times just because they “feel at home”. That’s the spirit I aim at with the travelers I meet and guide.

A tourist guide has to be knowledgeable of course. But I think this is not enough. Explaining in an understandable way, with enthusiasm and joy, paying attention to the kind of public he/she has before (adults, children, interested in particular subjects, etc.), and being able to satisfy all the different exigences that people may have. It is not easy to have all these “qualities” – most of them cannot be acquired by studying, but they are part of your character, or they are simply not.

As I can describe myself very communicative, I would say (using other people’s words) that I have the gift to get directly in touch with people. I am able to talk to different publics, children too. You can ask me for example a children-friendly visit in Pompeii or Herculaneum excavations, and I will tailor the tour on your kids.

I can call myself gay-friendly too. If you are a gay couple or group, please note that I will take you around with pleasure and of course customize the tour on your interests!