If Italy is well known for its wonderful cuisine, the fewest know that it strongly changes from region to region. And it is not for an exaggerated local pride if I affirm that Naples has got one of the best ones of Italy. I could start from Pizza, which was invented in Naples, but I will go into the subject pizza thoroughly in a next article. Pasta is a Neapolitan invention too: we make it in so many different sauces that describe Naples’ tastes.

If you walk among the lanes of the old Naples at about 12 to 2 pm you can smell incredible smells coming out of the windows…starting by garlic slightly fried (which is the first phase of most of our recipes) to the full tastes of tomato sauce (to be joint to spaghetti, or to receive other ingredients, meat or fish or vegetables for other preparations), or of thousand other inexpressible recipes.

There is a “popular” as well as a “noble” Neapolitan cuisine. As Naples was 600 years long the capital of a Reign, of course there was an aristocracy here. Each noble family had its own chef: they were called Monzù (from the French Monsieur), and they were appreciated at that time quite as much as today. They invented a lot of dishes, and some of them even entered the common tradition. Like the Gattò di Patate, a sort of potatoes flan full of cheese, salami and other ingredients…. I love Gattò! Concerning this, also this word comes from the French gateau, meaning “cake”.Naples Food

But I could mention the several pasta dishes with pulses: Pasta e Fagioli (with beans), Pasta e Piselli (with peas), Pasta e Lenticchie (with lentils) or even with Ceci (chickpeas). I can’t say which one I love the most… My father, for example, as a typical Neapolitan, MUST eat once a week Pasta e Fagioli!

Here you see a picture of my purpetiello affugato: literally “drowned octopus”. In some next articles I will show you other of my recipes.

This was only to make you mouth water and come to Naples. And maybe join one of my amazing Naples Food Tours 😉

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