Naples could win oscars for so many reasons. This is a town full of things you don’t expect. You wouldn’t expect the richness of arts that you find when you enter one of its about 300 churches. You don’t expect many of the creative ways of the Neapolitans to present and sell their items. And you don’t expect to find a museum of contemporary art getting down into the Underground, into the so called Stazioni dell’Arte – Art Stations.

The last price won by the Underground Station Toledo in Naples was assigned in November in Switzerland, ITA Awards 2015, the Oscars for Tunneling. The reason was: the “Innovative Use of Underground Space”. Which let Naples beat Jerusalem and Sidney.

Toledo Underground Naples

The Toledo Station (its name is due to the street via Toledo where it is located) was projected by Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca. It was adorned with the works of South African drawings filmmaker William Kentridge, choreographer and video maker Bob Wilson (USA) and Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani.

Toledo is one of numerous Art Stations in Naples, a sort of ‘obligatory Museum’ for its every day passengers.

By building the new stations, all the surrounding urban context on surface was re-conceived. This gave Naples a renewed aspect in the last 20 years in many of its central squares and corners. That is one of the reasons why Naples has been re-discovered in the last years by many Italian as well as international travelers. Absolutely a trip worth!