Descrizione Progetto

‘Do you know the country where lemon trees blossom? ’ wrote the German poet J. Wolfgang Goethe during his trip in Southern Italy along the coasts of Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi. Small fishers’ houses, roads and lanes climbing along steep mountains, deep blue sea and Mediterranean flair.

Who hasn’t heard about this unique coast, considered World Heritage, about its light and colors, its landscapes, its flavours? Or about the isle of Capri? And who doesn’t wish to be there once in his life?

A drive, a walk or a boat trip along these amazing bays and green cliffs can be an unforgettable experience. Let me guide you along them. But first, get my suggestions about how to make this trip a unique one, and to avoid traffic and stress. Don’t trust any 5-spots-in-one-day sellers. Get an honest and experienced advice, reliable driver and guide, non conventional restaurants and shopping suggestions.