Descrizione Progetto

Naples is known in Italy and abroad for being a lively and colourful town. But I do not deny it, it has big social problems! Wouldn’t it be interesting to visit Napoli from another point of view as the usual one? And to learn its complexity, its deep sociological sides, and mix them with the visit to some beautiful monuments?

This tour is indicated for those who already know the mostly visited churches in Spaccanapoli lane, or just want to go along an unbeaten path and visit another neighbourhood. For journalists but also for all those who are particularly interested in the social aspects of the places they are visiting. In a full day visit this path could also be combined with other parts of Naples, maybe even the most elegant one so to see and compare the two sides of the same coin!

I would suggest to visit the quarter Sanità, or the Spanish Quarter. Here we can go deep into now-a-day’s real life, seeing the Neapolitans shopping in the markets, foolish driving motorbikes with their kids, or seriously at work in their workshops, and even learn about the old Neapolitan handicrafts. We will also learn more about the actions taken in social fields to help these people and their children. Or how Chinese or Sri Lanka immigrants became part of this society (or maybe not). See street art with social aims and the surviving art of Naples people.

History and amazing buildings you wouldn’t expect in such a neighbourhood will also be part of this tour, of course! And you will finally learn to see Naples as the town of contrasts: beauty and the beast. You will then make your own opinion about how this crazy mixture looks like.