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If you ever wondered about how a house looked like in ancient Roman time, give a look at this video: I admired the 3D reconstruction. Since some paintings on the walls, I recognized the Villa Arianna from a little village that was close to Pompeii at Roman time, Stabiae.

You will be able to recognize the “atrium” with rain falling inside a basin – the “impluvium”. All around are bed rooms, the office (tablinum), the garden (peristilium). Next to it is the dining room, the so called “triclinium” because of the beds on three sides (tris=three) where the people laid to have a dinner together. You will see wonderful paintings adorning all the walls of the “domus” (house): You may understand that this is quite a sumptuous house, not everyone had such a big and smart house. But every house had paintings that can make one astonish! Anyway, in Pompeii and its surroundings several elegant houses like this or even villas were found.

This video can give you a very clear idea. Visiting personally will be of course totally different: seeing live houses, temples, shops and any kind of stuff from everyday life, including paintings and plaster casts of some people living in Pompeii is a great experience. Having us as a guide will mean getting information about the history but also about how people lived at that incredible time. Through our story telling we will get things come alive in front of your eyes. Much more than in a 3D video 😉