Artists lights in SalernoA few days ago I had a guided tour in Salerno. The ʻcustomerʼ was a special one: USA General Consul in Naples! She was in Salerno to meet Mayor and his staff, and to start a new cooperation with this pretty town, laying about 60 Km (35 miles) South from the capital town Naples of this region.

My task was to show her the streets of Salerno in this time of Christmas Artists’ Lights (Luci d’Artista), an amazing show of artistic lights all through the center and other quarters of the town. This light show has been displayed in the last 11 years, and it is always a huge success. From all over Italy people come and visit Salerno – for just one day or for more –, and add some more visits to Pompeii, Amalfi coast, etc.


The ancient city becomes to an ʻEnchanted Gardenʼ, with colorful flowers of light hanging in every lane. The magic starts in the City Garden, turned into a place of fairy tales. You will see here some of them: Cinderella’s horses and the pumpkin turned into a carriage. Pinocchio’s big whale, in whose belly he found his father back. Alice in Wonderland with cups of tea and playing cards. Peter Pan, the pirates’ ship, the Big Ben Tower and…crocodiles. All absolutely in LED lights!imag3139imag3109

Some of the installations are fix while some other ones are changed every year. So there is always a reason to come to Salerno and see it again.

The US Consul didn’t have much time for this visit, but nonetheless I convinced her that she had to visit at least the Cathedral, dedicated to the Evangelist Saint Matthew. Once we were there, she was ravished by it: by mosaics in the nave, by paintings and inlayed marble in the Crypt. At the end she appreciated a lot that our visit was not only for the lights and said she would come back again. I hope so, Mrs. Consul!

In this pic it’s me and her in Salerno’s Cathedral Cript: 165

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