venditore di polliIf you walk through this incredible lane in Napoli in these days you will certainly find plenty o f funny things. It is incredible the realism in the reproduction of the people and of any kind of food or animals. So see e.g. this chicken seller realized by Ferrigno’s handicrafts in the old style of crib’s people from the 18th century. The work is very precious, and every person is different from all the other ones!

Neapolitan humor. Some of the Crèche makers have specialized in creating every year new portraits (or satire!) of popular people: politicians, singers, soccer players, etc. So you will find Barack Obama, of course, as well as Germany prime minister Angela Merkel, Queen Elisabeth and prince Harry when he was photographed naked…Among this year’s new entries is Steve Jobs showing iPad in his Steve Jobs in cribshand. In this photo you can also see opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson.

On the other hand Silvio Berlusconi is sold with 50% discount!  (we really would like selling him definitively!)