As well as most of the Italian cities, also Salerno has a very old foundation. Here lived Etruscans and Romans, but the most blooming time was during the Middle Age, between the 8th and the 13th century, under the Lombard and the Norman dynasties. This was also the time when the Schola Medica flourished, a sort of Medical University that was known all over Europe. Beside treating their patients, the doctors from Salerno also taught and wrote medical books.Salerno Cathedral

The Cathedral is not only interesting because it preserves St. Matthew’s relics – Apostle and Evangelist -. Its building in Norman stile is a mixture of a medieval layout with an Arabic influence, and then of a later Baroque remaking too.

The ancient town Salerno also offers many small but incredibly interesting Museums – like the Archaeological Museum, the Diocesan Museum, the Province Picture-Gallery – as well as beautiful churches.