rovine lago d'AvernoIn the middle of the town Pozzuoli north of Naples there are ruins of a big ancient Roman market as well as a wonderful amphitheatre, where you can imagine the organization of gladiator fights. Under water are the rests of the most important port – which you can visit if you like diving! Not far from Pozzuoli, there is so called Piscina Mirabilis, an enormous cistern serving the navy settled down in Miseno – a breathtaking building!

bottiFrom Greek time you can visit in the region of Phlegrean Fields the magic location of the so called Sibyl’s cave. A mysterious place where this centuries old woman, inspired by god Apollo, red the oracle in the leaves, even for important persons like Aeneas or the emperors.

Added to all this beauty and mythology, the Phlegrean Fields are well known for the wines which are produced here. Falanghina is a white wine, quite light in taste, while Piedirosso and Coda di Volpe are spicy red ones. All of best quality! Don’t you feel the desire of a taste in a charming farm producing them?

Another amphitheatre is in Capua: this was the second biggest one in Roman time after Coliseum! Close to it you can also visit in the underground a Mitreum: an ancient Persian cult which was imported and loved here too. God Mitra was the protector of…..and his cult was always held in caves. Interesting and someway esoteric.