Now-a-day the excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum represent the only example in the world of someway still living Roman towns. Visiting them you can get an exact idea of what was lifestyle in Roman times: you will discover their houses, temples, theatres, shops. These “old stones”, will get a great meaning through my narratioNeptun and Anphitritisn of that time’s history and stories. You will have a real feeling of every-day life, religious rituals, or slaves’ role in the Roman society, entertainment.

Due to different eruption phases destroying the two towns, the buildings in Herculaneum are in better conditions. On the other hand the excavations in Pompeii are much bigger, and you can even see theatre and amphitheater which are missing in Herculanuem.

An excavation that most of the people don’t know about is Poppea’s Villa in Oplontis. We are tallking about Nero’s wife’s huge holiday house in front of the sea. It represents a fantastic example of Roman architecture and stores wonderful original paintings. Absolutely a visit worth!