All the destinations listed are meant for a half day. Of course you can combine them for a full day excursion, even with the ones from other pages (eg. Ancient town and Archaeological Museum, or Sightseeing and Baroque Naples, or Mysterious Naples and Phlegrean Fields, or a tour on the surface and one of the underground).

If you want to find out something totally new, unexpected, and go beyond all prSan Gregorio Armenoejudice, make a tour in Naples! I selected different tours for the visitors: some classical ones (but always with a personal touch!) and some other ones going beyond all appearances….

Naples is a town with several different facets. Mostly known for its worse sides (Camorra, rubbish), it has several other ones you would never expect! 2500 history have left in Napoli a huge artistic heritage. But also an own character, as Naples and its important harbour in the Mediterranean Sea were always a melting pot. Here mixed many different cultures: the Greek and the Roman, the French and the Spanish, the pagan andPiazza del Gesù the Christian ones.

And further more there are two Naples: the “superficial” one and the one…underground! There are several entrances, and each one shows a different aspect and stories.