My Brilliant FriendElena Ferrante’s four novels of the series “My Brilliant Friend” has become an international literary phenomenon. For other passionate readers like me, I do make tours through Naples by following Lila’s and Elena’s traces. First I will take you to the difficoult working class suburbia where the girls grew up. Then we’ll walk through the other neighborhoods that they meet and know by going to school, by working in a library and in the shoe shop, along their walks with friends. Such meetings show them how different the reality can be from the one they knew since their childhood, and how deep social differences can be and divide people from each other.

While telling about Lila’s and Elena’s stories, the book describes several corners of Naples: for this reason this tour is ideal to see all the different sides of such a controversial town, that is never foreseen or expected, always surprising in its good as well as in its bad aspects. We’ll see and analyse together them all, and the knowledge of Naples you will get through this tour is absolutely complete from architectural, as well as social and cultural points of view!

The tour is a full day excursion.

But I also offer a 2 day tour:

1) “My brilliant friend” ‘s Naples

2) “My brilliant friend” ‘s Ischia (Barano, Forio, Maronti beach….)