Napoli is not only made of small ancient lanes, churches and castles. It also has some newer quarters like Chiaia or Vomero, built since the end of the 16th century and later. The once aristocratic palaces are imposing, in a style called Eclectic. The youngest ones , built in the first 20th century have a sort of Liberty style, which is really different if compared to the British, French, Austrian ones. Let’s say that it is a typical Napoli Liberty style.

By taking the funicolare (cable railway) we can reach the hill Vomero and enjoy the spectacular view on the bay and on ancient Napoli from San Martino terrace. If you wish, we can visit the Museum San Martino situated in a wonderful ancient monastery, dedicated to the history of Naples.

Vomero, and especially Chiaia are in the meantime the areas with the smartest shops, where you could decide to stay and continue with shopping. Here are not only the big international brands, but also many workshops where the ancient tailor tradition of Napoli still lives on. In our shopping tour you will be astonishing for the preciousness of the textiles, shoes, gloves, bags, ties (and much more) of maybe not so popular, but of highest quality.

Duration: 2 ½ hours walk