Flora painting from StabiaeThe excavations in Pompeii represent a unique example of a someway still living Roman town. Visiting it you can get an exact idea of what was lifestyle in Roman times. You will discover the houses, temples, theatres, shops where Romans lived, prayed, entertained. What could appear as “just stones”, will get a great meaning through my narration of that time’s history and stories.

Joining a cultural tour in Pompeii with a little bit lazy one on Sorrento coast Lemons for limoncelloisn’t a bad idea at all! Driving along the wonderful bay of Naples we will leave the “bad” Vesuvius on our back and have a wonderful view of these shores where mermaids used to live. In the afternoon we will enjoy a stay in the town Sorrento, its view on Vesuvius and Naples from a café, its alleys full of coloured shops selling typical handicrafts, or visit a typical lemon-tree terrace. Just choose!