Io e Argo painting from PompeiVesuvius will be the main actor of your tour if you choose to take a walk to the crater and later visit the excavations of Pompeii, the Roman town destroyed 79 A.D. by a big eruption.

After that day a thick layer of ash buried the town. Due to that horrible human disaster the ancient Pompeii was preserved for centuries. And so – two thousand years later – we can see Roman villas, temples, shops, thermal baths, theaters, etc. A unique and impressive experience in the whole world!

I will take you to the highlights of this city. My stories will tell you the history of Pompeii at Roman age and give you a real idea of every-day life at that time.

Up to Vesuvius craterAfter this visit we will get up to the Vesuvius, the only still active volcano on continental Europe. Taking a walk along the crater in the meantime you will have an impressive look on the whole bay of Naples.

If you want, we can even join to this cultural tour a gastronomic stop. Since the Roman age Vesuvius has been an area ideal for the production of best loved wines. The volcanic soil is enormously rich in minerals and so fertile. In one of the most important wineries of this region, you will taste the famous Lachrima Christi wine.