A winding route goes along one of the most beautiful and famous roads of the Amalfi lemmonsworld. A challenge for drivers, but a joy for the eyes – much better if you are not driving! Vertical cliffs and pastel-coloured villages make its beauty. A magic mixture that gained being part of UNESCO World Heritage.

We will stop in all the main places – Positano, Amalfi, Ravello – having all the time a view on the uncontaminated nature and the breathtaking landscapes of this coast. In some buildings there are still clear traces of the centuries history of the once republic of Amalfi. Saint Andrew’s cathedral in Amalfi will live you without words.

What’s charming on this coasRavello - Villa Rufolot? Lemmon and olive trees on terraces built on the cliffs. Plenty of flowers in the narrow, white alleys. Splendid turquoise or emerald colours along the shores. Why not taking a boat to watch all this from the sea? Be sure: this day will be an unforgettable experience!