Sorrento is the coast many neapolitan songs sing about, like “Torna a Surriento”. The other side of the peninsula is called the “divine coast” for its beauty, but also for the large number of actors and directors who spent some delicious time in Amalfi, during or after shooting films. Amalfi

So if you cannot decide if you want to visit the first or the second, just choose both shores! We will make it possible. Of course we will need a car taking us to the most interesting and astonishing corners of the peninsula. You will just need to open your eyes wide and wonder before the incredibly sheer cliffs and the colours they create in the sea. A proof of God’s existence!

We will make a longer stop in Sorrento, and then on the lemons coast. We will get down through the incredibly narrow alleys in Positano, look at the typical flowered fashion or sandal craftsmen in their small  shops. In Amalfi the impressive cathedral will take you by surprise. A coffee with a delicious cake – or a limoncello liqueur as digestive – will be an excuse to stay longer in this typical Mediterranean “dolce vita” piazza! Or to climb along the lanes up to the cliffs and “breath” centuries old traditions full of colours and smells.Sorrento- sedile DominovaPositano lanes