If you are looking forward to visiting Naples – because you heard and read a lot about this fascinating, lively, imaginative and mysterious city – I must add that it is a paradise for foodies and gourmets too!

Naples’ ancient streets have been exploding in the last two-three years with a wide number of pizzerias, trattorias and corners selling “cuoppi” (blotting paper cones full of fried finger food). All this can be funny but maybe it is important to know better which ones are a good choice.

fish market in NaplesAs a passionate of good food, I have my own selected spots of course. And I like sharing them with other “gourmets” from all over the world. Naples has got a huge cuisine, ancient and full of popular as well as noble recipes, all giving their contribution to the richness of the cucina napoletana!

So let you guide through the streets and lanes of Naples to admire its wonderful architectures, and at the same time appreciate its yummy dishes. We’ll discover a rich cuisine tradition, as well as some of its most ancient trattorias, beloved by the Neapolitans themselves. We’ll start with our typical caffè and Sfogliatella (a crunchy pastry with surprise!), then visit an ancient food market, and along the way we’ll have different little tastings – including the Neapolitan Pizza, of course! All personally selected.  Enjoy it! 😉