Paestum - Ceres templeCilento is a huge natural park, the biggest one in Italy. It belongs to UNESCO heritage list for its uncontaminated mountains and woods, shores and cliffs, but also for all the monuments in it. One of the most important are certainly the Greek temples in Paestum. If you are here, you can’t miss these imposing archaeological buildings (see page)!

After the intellectual satisfaction your palate deserves one too! The typical and most popular product from this region is buffalo mozzarella. The buffalo-breeding was introduced here in Middle Age as this area was marshy. During our visit to a farm you will see buffalos mozzarella productionin their everyday life, and learn how this special cheese and “ricotta” are produced.

Our lunch will be based on mozzarella (so you will be able to appreciate its fresh milky flavour!) and the delicious vegetables from the fertile soil of Piana del Sele.

It will be time to find out the best wines of the region. These are the planes where ancient Greek brought their grapes and their ancient art of making wine – a tradition going forward after 2600 years! Not far from Paestum we will visit a “cantina” producing one of the best wines Paestum IGT and Cilento DOC – and of course taste them before a wonderful vineyard, looking at Capri from far.