If you are a great lover of the best wines, this is the tour for you. The part of Campania region having the most ideal characteristics for wine production is Irpinia: in the north-east, far from the sea, where the landscape is defined by the mountains of the big Appennino bottigliechain. Even if this is not a volcanic area, this soil was covered by the Vesuvius ashes brought here by the wind. A village in this area is called Tufo that means tuff, like its volcanic earth. It is incredibly rich in nitrogen, phosphor and sulphur, that make it special for the wine production. Greco di Tufo is the name of a wonderful white wine produced on these hills that got DOCG – the highest quality denomination.

We will visit an ancient village clung on a hill, all around a wide view dominating the Sabato river valley and immense vineyard hills. Or by choice, a sulphur factory, since two mines were exploited in this area in the 19th century. Then we’ll make a tour in a beautiful ancient wine cellar directly in Tufo.

cacioricottaAfterwards we’ll move to another village, giving its name to a fabulous wine: Taurasi. After a pleasant walk through its ancient narrow streets, we will have here an unforgettable lunch based on meat, mushrooms and special cow and sheep cheese from Irpinia region.

After this gourmet experience, we will get to another important wine grower and taste his intensive wine. The incredibly flavoured Taurasi wine has DOCG denomination too. In ancient Roman times it was called Falernum and exported in Europe and Africa. It was the wine that Roman emperors loved and even Cleopatra used to seduce Cesar…so, you’d better be careful! Prosit!