AvernoMyth and volcanic wonders in wine

The whole region around Naples has a volcanic origin. In the north there are the so called Phlegrean Fields – that means “burning fields”, although there is no activity anymore. Thus the soil is made of tuff, a volcanic stone, very porous, ideal for grapevine.

This region was in Roman time a splendid holiday coast. Emperors, senators, poets loved its position, its thermal baths. Here were the most important Roman freight and naval ports too. That’s why there are so many ruins going up to the Roman age here.

VenereIn the morning you will make a tour in the area: Sybil’s cave, Piscina Mirabilis, the volcanic lakes Fusaro and Averno (see LINK). The fascination of this region, its volcanic nature, the colours, the ruins will leave you breathless!

We will reach a wine grower where we’ll have lunch and taste their delightful Falanghina and Piedirosso wines (both DOC), the typical ones from Phlegrean Fields.

Afterwards we’ll have the opportunity to visit their wonderful vineyard overlooking the ancient crater Astroni, today completely covered by a flourishing nature. And we can also take a short walk to the only volcano still showing some activity, the Solfatara crater. Its landscape is very similar to what we imagine moon can look like!