wine barrelsThis tour will take you to the area of Vesuvius, certainly one of the most popular volcanos on earth. Above all for having buried two ancient Roman towns under ash, today visible in excavations. In a volcanic area the soil is made particularly fertile by all the minerals that came out during all the eruptions. That’s why today like 2000 years ago a very good wine is produced on the slopes of Vesuvius. Today it is called Lachryma Christi, once it was Vesuvinum – “wine from Vesuvius”.

The two belong together: the visit to an excavation (I would suggest a smaller one, like Herculaneum or Oplontis, both very interesting, see LINK), and then to one of the numerous wine cellars producing this popular DOC. Through the tasting you will appreciate the someway “mineral” taste in it, transferred by this black soil to the grapes, and then to the wine.

rigatoniIn the spaces of the cellar we’ll have our lunch with pasta from Gragnano – the best sort! – with the typical small, savoury tomato cultivated in the region around Vesuvius, the so called Piennolo tomato. Two or three basilica leaves, and you will never forget this taste!

After this experience, we will go to the town Gragnano and see and learn how the best pasta is produced. Particular mixtures of wheat must be used, then the dough is formed passing through special forms. A long time for drying is very important too.