Wine barrels in Irpinia A full bodied wine called Taurasi is produced in the region around Avellino, Irpinia. Here are produced the best wines from Campania. It has been traditionally a region of very good wines, since ancient Greeks brought their grapes to their south Italian colonies.

Since the 1950ies Irpinia has gained recognitions for the quality of its wines. Three DOCGs (the highest quality recognition from UE): Taurasi, Fiano and Greco di Tufo. And not less important is: though their high quality level, these wines still have reasonable prices! They are also among the most authentic ones in Italy and less homologated by industry.

Irpinia is a mountainous region, and not touristic. It still has a strong peasant economy, that partially modernized after a tragic earthquake in 1980. The climate is rigorous, with snow in winter, while mild in summer.

Taurasi is a red wine, the first gaining the DOCG denomination in Campania. Its vineyards are grown in the Calore valley – the biggest river in the area – at a height of 330 to 660 yards, in an region around the village Taurasi, giving name to the wine. Aglianico is the sort of grapes used to produce it. It takes almost three years ageing before you can call a wine with the official Taurasi DOCG denomination: almost four years for the “Riserva” ageing in durmast or chestnut wood barrels. Among the Italian wines this is one of the most suitable for very long ageing. Taurasi is a wine with personality, with full and elegant taste.

Ancient Romans already produced it with the name Falernum: it was the favourite wine of emperors and senators; Pliny, Horace and Cicero celebrated it in their writings. Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra poured Falernum in a cup to seduce Caesar….and she got him! Come to a wine tasting in the Taurasi region, and try its “seducing” flavour!

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